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A men's fashion/style blog, for the modern, stylish man. Personal shopping and styling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. New York fashion styling and consulting.

Interview with +2

Lauren Larsen

Working as a personal styling for as long as I have, I've gotten to know a lot about how brands fit, where to shop for x body type, and if a new client will fit into a particular brand of clothing. One issue I seem to always have, however, is finding things for the extra tall guys... the ones who are over 6'4. Unfortunately, a lot of casual street brands to not cater to guys with long torsos and long arms - the shirts are always too short in the body and the sleeves, and end up looking like little boy's clothing. If you're one of these guys, you'll know that shopping can be EXTREMELY frustrating {even more so than it is for you average height dudes}. 

Recently, a cool new streetwear brand from Australia reached out that caters to tall dudes, and I took the opportunity to find out a little more about what they're all about, just in case one of you readers is having the same difficulties explained above. I've put the transcript of our interview below.

Hey friends! 

I'm always super excited to chat with new brands, entrepreneurs and pretty much anyone that is brave enough to do something different. What was the inspiration behind your clothing line?

Definitely frustration. Being 6'6 and relatively skinny you can imagine the struggles of finding clothing that has enough length. Traditionally mens sizes of t-shirts get wider from say a size LARGE to XL but rarely ever much longer. I have always had an interest in fashion but it gets to the stage where you will walk in to clothing stores with people and not even bother looking at clothes because you know you will be let down with the fit. So it was pretty clear that we needed to do one of two things:

- Either put some more comfortable chairs in clothing stores so I would have somewhere to sit whilst my friends shopped.


- Create a label that would cater to tall guys like myself, that were looking for nice fitting, good quality and fashionable clothes.

Totally frustrating, that's really cool you wanted to come up with a solution! Where did the name come from?

I'm a big basketball fan and NBA jerseys were always a staple rotation in my wardrobe. Mainly because they offered +2 inches length which made them one of the few garments that had enough length for me. I loved the idea of building a brand around the concept of adding length and decided to play around with some concepts in photoshop and came up with the +2 logo incorporating the giraffe and thankfully it was very well received.

I love that you've tailored a brand specifically for tall people! With my suiting company, Atelier by Ensemble Style, I get a TON of tall clients who are fed up with not being able to buy things off-the-rack and who appreciate something that FINALLY works for them. Do you get a lot of customers thanking you for thinking of them?

Haha I can imagine. Have had to get a few suits tailored up specifically for my height as nowhere really stocks them. We love getting feedback from our customers and yeah, people praising us for clothing that finally fits them is definitely right up there with one of the most common things we hear back.

How does your brand differ from other popular Australian brands?

We're tall specialists, which kind of puts us in our own category. There is a bit of a trend towards offering longline pieces from other Australian and International brands but that will come and go with trends. We're wanting to build out our range to offer tall people a full wardrobe and are slowly getting there. We're also predominantly an online store and put a huge emphasis on fast postage, old school customer service. Since we don't have huge overheads like store costs we can also offer really competitive pricing.

That's awesome, client's always appreciate a good deal! How often do you change the vibe of the collection, and where do you get the inspiration for new collections, colours, fabrics, etc.?

We put out 2 main collections a year with an Spring/Summer collection and then an Autumn/Winter collection. Between this we also try to release some limited edition prints, cuts and accessories that compliment our range. We're always wanting to keep our brand feeling fresh (something that big/tall man stores aren't generally known for) so generally offer new colours and styles each season. I travel a fair bit so end up getting a lot of inspiration from what people are wearing in different parts of the world, for example our most recent collections were quite inspired by my trip to South Korea. We also draw a lot of inspiration from street culture such as skateboarding, hip-hop and street-art. 

Can you tell me more about the quality about your line?

Would love to. We put a big emphasis on quality and the majority of our products are 100% combed cotton so you get that nice soft feel whilst it also being a stronger fabric. We really don't want to be selling t-shirts that fall apart in the wash or after a few wears so that's one of the reasons we have our street team of skateboarders/bmxers to really test the limits of our clothing and make sure that it holds up to the streets.

And what about the founders?

Myself and Josh are both tall so yeah we figured the worst that could happen with starting Plus 2 was that we would have ourselves a wardrobe. It's kind of funny though that not too long after we started, the whole longline trend came in and has had us being able to shop in other clothing stores again haha.

If you want to check out some of the line, visit - they weren't kidding about being able to offer sweet deals... 5 tall tees for $80... you definitely can't beat that!

- xo Ensemble Style 


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