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Spring style from Jacamo clothing


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Spring style from Jacamo clothing

Lauren Larsen

Well, it's technically spring, and even though there is currently snow on the ground, the 'technical' change in seasons has got me thinking spring style. I've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with quite a few of my personal styling clients on updating their spring/summer wardrobe, which means I have a pretty good understanding of what is out there, what to avoid and what to get to help make your spring style as great as possible!

A few things I've noticed this year are that style trends are not drastically different from last year - we are still rockin' the athleisure, prints, colours and various other trends we saw last season, but this year is just slightly, dare I say, cooler. 

During my online hunt for some cool athleisure looks, I came across a cool UK site called Jacamo that carries various Nike, Adidas and Puma pieces, some of which are unique to what I've seen here in Calgary.  I used both white and red shoes as options in this all black look - white for a more versatile vibe, and red to add a little pop of colour {for the daring and the bold}. I love the blacked out logo on the hat and jacket!

As I was on their site perusing, I decided to put together some funky casual looks that could work for both the spring and summer. Below are a couple different options using pieces I found on their site.

I love how the blue and red in the classic Adidas sneaker pulls out the blue and red in the printed shorts. Because this look is already quite colourful, pairing it with a basic white or black tee is definitely the way to go!

Opposite from the look above, the below adds a pattern to the top rather than the bottom. I know what you're thinking... this is a total Hawaiian Dad shirt... BUT if you pair it with some cool sneakers, and a pair of jorts (AKA jean shorts), you're taking it from dad style, to intentionally cool. I love the way the colours of the shoes work with the colours of the shirt... and once again, make sure if you are going to go with a bold print on top, you pair it with something basic {like black} on the bottom. 

I hope this blog inspired you to start your spring/summer shopping! As always, if you have any questions or need a little help with your personal style, shoot me an email!

- xox, Ensemble Style

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