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Style = Confidence
Calgary, Alberta


Ensemble Style is a Calgary fashion stylist stylists personal shopper shoppers and wardrobe consultant consultants. Menswear styling and closet edits. Custom suiting for men. Made-to-measure suiting




The Pick-Up

Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, gift pickups and personal shopping. Personal stylist in Calgary, Alberta. 

The Pick-Up

Ok, so you had a busy week and completely forgot to pick up a gift for a baby shower on the weekend... we get it. You forgot to get a gift for your wife's birthday... we can help. You have a new girlfriend and you have NO idea what to get her, call us. Normally we need 12 hours notice for any pick-up service, but if you are super strapped for time... we get that too!

Service prices differ depending on size of pick-up. Contact for information!  

Lauren Larsen Personal Stylist Calgary
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