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Style = Confidence
Calgary, Alberta


Ensemble Style is a Calgary fashion stylist stylists personal shopper shoppers and wardrobe consultant consultants. Menswear styling and closet edits. Custom suiting for men. Made-to-measure suiting




About Lauren Larsen

Why men's style?

Ensemble came from the innate desire to help people and from the love of putting things together to create something wonderful. Having guy friends, I quickly realized that men (for the most part) hate malls, shopping, fashion and basically everything that goes along with looking good, but they still want to look good. I love shopping, I love putting outfits together, I know that woman like to see men dressed well (and in a particular way), and men care what women want them to wear. There it was, sitting right there at the forefront of my brain, Ensemble, men's style, from a woman's perspective.

Describe yourself. 

Lauren Larsen personal stylist Atelier Calgary

I am an island girl with big city dreams. Growing up on Vancouver Island for the majority of my childhood years has created a massive space in my heart for the ocean, trees and everything naturally beautiful. The other part of my heart lives somewhere in the concrete jungles of NYC. I am a dreamer, a goal chaser an imperfect perfectionist and a lover of words and beautiful things. 

What is your educational background? Did you study fashion?

The short answer is no, I didn't study fashion. I have a business degree with a major in marketing, but technically have been 'studying' fashion since the Spice Girls made platform shoes cool in the 90's.

When you do what you love, and you're passionate about it, anything is possible. I don't think you need a degree or a background in fashion to know what looks good. I mean, I definitely have sponged knowledge from some of the best men's tailors, stylists and creatives in the industry (in my humble opinion), to ensure I know what I am talking about when it comes to brands, designers, fabrics, fits and sizes... but no, I have never attended a class focused on fashion. Every day of my life is a fashion class. Other than this one time, I attended a class at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, but that was a fabrics class, not a fashion class. 

What makes you fit to offer style advice?

I'm a woman (a picky imperfect perfectionist) and I know what women like. I mean, if I were a guy I'd definitely be seeking the help of a woman for my image. Men dress for women. Period. I have experience, I've worked with all types, shapes and sizes and know how to efficiently navigate this city's men's fashion scene. 

Who is your inspiration?

Oh man, I definitely have a few.

For Ensemble, my inspiration is a lovely woman from NYC named Megan Collins. She started a website called Style Girlfriend and her goal is the exact same as mine - to help men with their style in an encouraging and non-offensive way. She has done great and has been recognized by some big names in the men's fashion world including GQ, Esquire and Men'sHealth. 

For creating something I love and not being scared to do so, I was inspired by a gentleman named Chris Guillebeau who wrote "The Art of Non-Conformity" and a woman named Danielle Laporte who wrote "The Fire Starter Sessions". Both of these books are awesome and will give you that little kick if you have the entrepreneurial spirit but don't know how to take that first step. 

For life in general, my mom, my grandma and my best friend. They are unique, strong and amazing women who provide guidance, support and love whenever I need it!

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