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Ensemble Style is a Calgary fashion stylist stylists personal shopper shoppers and wardrobe consultant consultants. Menswear styling and closet edits. Custom suiting for men. Made-to-measure suiting





A men's fashion/style blog, for the modern, stylish man. Personal shopping and styling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. New York fashion styling and consulting.

What to pack on your luxury cruise

Lauren Larsen

If you’ve booked yourself onto a luxury cruise, normally with stops at a number of different destinations, then you’re probably wondering what must-haves you should pack. Because of the hop-on-hop-off nature of cruises, and the variety of different locations you’ll get to explore after you dock at each destination, you’ll end up seeing a lot of different places, BUT unlike other trips, you’ll only need to pack and unpack once. This can be both a blessing and a curse (overpacking anxiety, anyone?). Well, we are here to help!  

Because normally the ships are massive, with all sorts of things to purchase if you forget say, your sunscreen, it isn’t absolutely necessary to remember everything, BUT there are a few essentials to consider...

A day bag for your first day

When you first board your cruise, it may take a little while for your luggage to be delivered to your room, so make sure you’ve packed some carry-on luggage so you aren’t caught short. Take a bag with sunscreen, your swimwear, something to read and some sunglasses to ensure that you have everything you need to start enjoying your cruise from the first moment. 

If you’re looking to buy some stylish and protective sunglasses before you depart, there are a number of great online retailers that sell a wide variety of things. We recommend going into the stores to try things on before buying online to ensure you purchase the correct frame shape for your face, and then going over to Eye Buy Direct to peruse their selection of sunglasses. If you need prescription sunglasses, they have VERY affordable options for frames and lenses.  

You can also then use this bag for days spent off of the cruise liner too - PERFECT. Because of this, we recommend grabbing something that will be ok if it gets splashed with a little water and sand. 

A portable charger for your devices

You will want to start capturing memories from your first moment, so it is worth investing in a portable charger to top up your battery on the first day - this will avoid you missing out on any shots as the ship sets sail!

Some formal/semi formal attire

In the daytime you’re likely to lounge around the pool in your swimwear and cover-ups, while evenings can be a bit more formal affair.

Some cruise liners will have dress codes for the evenings, so it’s smart for men to pack some business casual attire, including button-up shirts, pants that are dressier than jeans, and a pair of dress shoes. As always, we recommend custom, but if you’re more of an instant gratification type guy and LOVE shopping in the mall, or online, there are a few links below.

Ladies should definitely have a dress or two on hand for those dinners that require something a little fancier than your standard vacation wear. We’d recommend looking into the dress codes before packing too much, as this can definitely take up a lot of suitcase real estate.

A pair of binoculars

The beautiful scenery will not be restricted just to land, so it is a nice idea to invest in a good pair of binoculars to take with you as it will enable you to gaze in awe at the sights you may see out on the water.

Depending on where your cruise is travelling to and from, you may also be lucky enough to see marine life that you would not have seen anywhere else. All of this could be viewed from your personal window or balcony.


Unlike other holidays where you may need your passport just twice – once at the beginning and once at the end – on a cruise you will likely be required to produce your passport more regularly when you get off at each of the stops.

Needless to say, do make sure that your passport is valid for the entire duration of your cruise to ensure both disappointment and embarrassment!

How to nail a job interview... with your attire.

Lauren Larsen

Job interviews... ugh, one of the most awkward, uncomfortable situations you can possibly be in. Basically you're in a room with one or more people who are grilling you with questions you're likely embellishing the answers to. "What is your biggest weakness?"..... instead of telling them how you ALWAYS give in to a properly crafted cocktail... and sometimes get a little out of hand on the weekends... you start to ramble on about how "my biggest weakness is that I am too empathetic and organized"... yah, right. 

We can't change the awkwardness of job interviews, so let's focus on the things we can change... like the way we dress. 

Generally when you're thinking about what to wear to a job interview, you're likely going to fall somewhere between business casual and conservative business professional (depending on the job), and you're not wrong to use those descriptions as a guideline. However, if you're unsure what those terms mean (most people are), it can be a little bit daunting to figure out how to dress the part. 

If the company you're interviewing with is a traditional suit-and-tie type place (say a law firm or a finance based company), conservative business professional is a safe way to go. This means, dark suit, white or blue shirt (plain), a professional tie (not too bold or patterned) a dark shoe and matching belt. However, many (I'd argue majority) of companies have shifted towards a more laid back, casual dress code, and your interview attire should fit within that. You don't want to be perceived as not understanding the corporate culture, or not fitting in, by showing up in your super 150's perfectly tailored suit, although you'd impress me immensely if you did. I read an article once that stated that you should dress according to the dressiest top 25% at the office. If some people wear a suit, you should too, but if not a single person wears a tie, you shouldn't either. I think that's a pretty safe guideline to go by.


what to wear for a job interview business professional

Business Casual


calgary stylist business casual job interview

Business Casual



There you have it, a few looks to get you through those awkward job interviews so you can feel confident enough in your clothing that you can shift your focus to other things, like how to answer those strange 'what is your biggest weakness' questions.

- xo Ensemble Style

Key things to look for when purchasing a suit

Lauren Larsen

As most of you know by now, I have become completely and utterly obsessed with suiting (see Atelier), and since starting my own made-to-measure suiting business, my obsession and eye for cheap suiting has been getting stronger and stronger. I'm going to share with you some of my suiting knowledge, and key things I've learned along the way {and why shopping off-the-rack is now one of my biggest nightmares}.

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What to wear for the holidays

Lauren Larsen

Christmas is this weekend, and that means that you're going to inevitably be spending time with family, friends and loved ones. I know you're probably more worried about that last minute Christmas shopping (I know, I procrastinated too), than trying to decide what you're going to wear to turkey dinner, which is why I thought I'd help you out a little... with an Ensemble Style approved, 'what to wear for the holidays' guide!

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elevate your success by adopting a few simple habits

Lauren Larsen

Whether your goal is to land the promotion, own the house, get the girl, drive the latest AMG model, or to have a million dollars in the bank, a few life changes can be implemented to help you get there. 

I've been doing some reading on the habits of very successful people, and have been musing on a few simple quotidian habits that can take your life to the next level, and help you reach those lofty goals. 

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How to rock a flannel shirt for fall

Lauren Larsen

If there was one print that we’re going to see a lot of this autumn and winter (and every other autumn and winter, for that matter), it’s flannel. It’s a seasonal staple that everyone owns, but the problem with plaid shirts is that they can often look too outdoorsy to be appropriate for another occasion, other than camping.

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wow her with your interior design skills

Lauren Larsen

Dressing well is step one, treating her to a couple nice dates {whilst having proper manners} is step two, and when you finally have the pleasure of bringing her back to your place {step three}, you're going to want the decor and ambiance to jive not only with your personality, but also with the expectations you've set thus far. If you have nice taste in restaurants and wine, you know that proper shoes and tailored clothing is important, but your home looks like you haven't paid any attention to it since college, you may be in trouble. Don't worry if this is you... as always, I'm in your corner and here to save you from the inevitable embarrassment of not meeting her expectations.

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How to look like a stud for Stampede 2016

Lauren Larsen

YEEEHAWWW! Stampede 2016 is here, and if you haven't started thinking about your wardrobe yet, you definitely should get on it, ASAP. 

Now, there isn't a whole lot to say about Stampede attire, other than a few things that I would consider obvious, and a couple of things that you may not know... but I'll just go ahead and discuss them all, just incase you're wondering ;).

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What you can learn from street style at Pitti Uomo

Lauren Larsen

Since diving into custom tailoring, I've been finding myself becoming more and more infatuated with the intricacies of suiting, fabrics, and when certain details work and when they don't {as if I wasn't obsessed with menswear enough to being with}. I research, ponder, question, and peruse all sorts of books and sites that delve into the fine details of menswear, both traditional and trendy, so that I am well equipped when I get random questions like "where did the lapel originate" thrown at me, and when I have to come up with a really unique, never-been-done-before-but-looks-amazing outfit for an event. 

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Five things to not wear to a wedding this summer.

Lauren Larsen

Wedding season is around the corner, and many of my clients, friends and colleagues have been starting to plan their ensembles. I get asked the question 'what should I wear to so-and-so's wedding' on a pretty regular basis, so I thought I would write a blog about it, but rather than telling you exactly what to wear... I'm going to give you creative freedom to explore anything outside of these 5 things you definitely should not wear to a wedding this summer!

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Death of the 'casual Friday shirt'

Lauren Larsen

Ok guys, I'm going to be blunt with you for a minute... this is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time... and if you are a client of mine, you've definitely heard me say this at least once. This fashion fail has somehow made its way into casual Friday dress code, and sometimes even regular Monday to Thursday ensembles at the office, and it is time to give it up.

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steal her stuff: grooming

Lauren Larsen

Wondering why her skin always looks so flawless? Maybe she's born with it, or perhaps there is something magical in her side of the medicine cabinet. Guys, you don't have to be ashamed if you want to give her grooming products a try, actually, I fully support your decision.

lauren larsen menswear stylist image consultant calgary

Here are a few that I give you the green light to go ahead and try. 

Facial scrub

Facial scrub is a must for men and women. It's such a treat to be able to get that layer of dead skin cells off your face & end up with soft, glowing skin. If she has a scrub kicking around, give it a shot. If she doesn't... my favourite trick is to mix baking soda with face wash and use that to wash your face. It will feel slightly gritty, but once you're finished, your face and fingertips will be as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Facial oil

Facial oil is a new thing that girls totally love. Most of us use it to take our makeup off, but it is also a really moisturizing and luxurious way to wash your face. If she has one kicking around, give it a try. 

Eye cream

Ain't no body got time for undereye bags, wrinkles and dryness. Eyes are one of the first places to show aging, which is why you should be applying cream morning and night. Pretty much any eye cream is better than no eye cream, but if you have a choice, I'd go for a heavy, anti-aging one at night and a lighter moisturizing one for during the day. Sometimes day creams have ingredients in them that also help with undereye circles and make you look more awake.

Anti-aging anything

I mean, who doesn't want to look 20 something for as long as possible? If it says anti-aging on it, there is no harm in giving it a try.  

Night serums

Night serums are bomb for tired, dry & lifeless skin. By sleeping with them on, you're giving them a solid 6-8 hours {or more if you're a big sleeper} to do their thing. Chicks dig serums, and I'd bet that if she doesn't have a night serum, she has a sleeping facial, a night cream, or something along the same lines. Dig into it, slap it on your face & wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!


This one is the riskiest of the mentioned products, solely because if you apply it wrong, it's going to look like you're wearing makeup. If you have a big meeting and you happened to accidentally pull an all-nighter the night before, grab her concealer, dab a little bit on your finger and tap it under your eye until it is no longer visible. You shouldn't need much to make a difference!

If you're a little skeptical and don't want to risk looking like you're wearing makeup, I'd highly recommend First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. It is an eye cream that is formulated to cover dark circle without looking like you're wearing makeup.

To be honest, majority of products are made unisex - the only thing that differentiates a guy's product from a ladies is the way the marketing department decided to brand it. Did they make the label black & blue, or white & pink, is pretty much what it comes down to. So, go ahead and give hers a try, you never know, you might end up looking as great as she does ;).


- Ensemble Style


How to be a gentleman while avoiding the friend zone.

Lauren Larsen

Guys, I know you have all experienced this at one time or another. There is a girl you like, you think it's going somewhere, you treat her really nice, take her for dinner, console her when she's sad, and BAM you end up in the friend zone. The horrible friend zone. The place that potential boyfriends go to die {ok, not literally, but your chance of every being her boyfriend is dead}. 

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Incorporating athleisure into your leisure life.

Lauren Larsen

Ahh, athleisure... the trend that has stood the test of time, and continues to go strong. If you haven't heard about it, or haven't tried to bring aspects of it into your life... this blog is for you. If you have heard of it, are addicted because of the comfort, and want to bring new elements into your wardrobe, this blog is also for you. 

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The do's and don'ts of pairing shirts and ties.

Lauren Larsen

If you work in an office with any kind of corporate dress code, you’ve by now no doubt built up a wardrobe filled with a variety of shirts and ties in different colours, patterns, and textures. But do you know how to pair them? Can checks go with plaid? Stripes with stripes? Purple with…a lighter shade of purple?

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2015 recap - favourite moments in menswear

Lauren Larsen

2015 has come and gone, and what an amazing year it was. 2016 however, is looking like it is going to be the best one yet. With new content, new collaborations, new brands, styles, vibes, energy, clients and friends, it is safe to say that I am 100% ecstatic {and that word is not often used in my vocab} to see how this year unfolds. 

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