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Taylor Stitch | Wayfaring Jacket

Lauren Larsen

I don't normally write posts exclusively about specific brands {unless you scroll back yonder to when I was doing brand spotlight's} but, I recently stumbled over the brand Taylor Stitch and fell lustfully in love with their garments. One in particular... the wayfaring jacket, and I felt the need to share!

Shown in the images below this coat screams rugged manliness... and is basically the epitome of what I love in a spring casual jacket. Not only is it made out of 8.25 oz. shelter tent waxed canvas that’s waterproof and windproof, it can be rolled up to around the size of a can of tennis balls AND it is affordable (when compared with other brands of it's quality and size). If this isn't something that will act as a catalyst for Spring and Summer adventure, I don't know what will! 

Ensemble Style menswear
Ensemble Style menswear
Ensemble Style menswear
Ensemble Style menswear

From what I understand, this jacket is available online only. You may be able to find it in some Californian coast boutiques but to save us from having to go on a tremendously long scavenger hunt, I'd recommend just purchasing it the 2015 way... online. 

Tell me, what is your favourite style of jacket to wear in the spring and summer? Do you have something you are eyeing up for this season? 

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