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Style Guide for Tyler

Tyler Mcgee fall/winter Style Guide

So nice catching up with you last week! Seems like you're doing good with work and things are starting to work out better for you. To give a little refresh to your wardrobe for the fall/winter, I'm going to focus on some key pieces and quality & versatility rather than quantity. 


Jeans and chinos are going to be solid additions to your fall/winter attire this year, and will be something that you can wear into the spring and summer as well. Here is a look that uses a pair of black jeans as the base. 

LOOK 1 - featuring black jeans and brown chelsea boots

Lauren Larsen ensemble stylist


There are a few styles of shirts I would recommend incorporating into your wardrobe for the winter. Button downs in dark, rich colours... long sleeve henleys and sweaters. This look features a long sleeve white oxford with a dark green sweater layered over top. A white oxford is a must for layering!

lauren larsen stylist ensemble style

sweaters & shirts

Here are a few awesome sweaters and shirts that are super affordable! I wouldn't suggest getting all of them, but one or two to add to your wardrobe might be nice!


As we talked about, adding a brown chelsea boot might be a really good idea as you get so much wear out of your black ones. The brown will add something different, and will be able to be worn with jeans and chinos as easily as you could wear them with a suit or dress pants. Make sure you have a matching belt. 

ASOS is a good website to get things from!


I'd suggest grabbing a brown belt to match the boots (if you get them), and a nice brown bag... and perhaps another scarf.


I also think adding some chinos in grey, khaki and navy would be a great addition to your wardrobe. We chatted about the ones from The Gap - I think those will be good. I will send you a photo of the Gap Cash so that you can try to use it!

option with black jacket and grey chinos

white oxford and green sweater from above

lauren larsen stylist calgary menswear calgary


white oxford and green sweater from above

personal stylist menswear calgary

Let me know if you have any questions at all - I am always more than happy to chat!

- Lauren Larsen

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