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Style Guide for Tyler

Tyler's Spring Style Guide

So, spring is almost here, and it's time to start thinking about updating that spring wardrobe from last year! Since you have a lot of pieces from last year that can be worn again this year, I'm going to focus this plan on what we talked about in the call.. in addition to adding a few things that I think are great for the season.


Shorts are a staple for spring and summer - stocking up on a couple fresh pairs of shorts at the beginning of the season is always a must!

Here are a few of my favourites in a couple different styles - coloured, neutral and striped.


As we discussed during our call, chinos are a great way to brighten up your spring look if you want to get away from jeans, but the occasion doesn't call for shorts. Now, I'm not a super big fan of bright coloured chinos, or anything that is too obnoxious or loud, but there is a way to lighten and brighten your look without going into something like a bright orange or yellow pant, such as bringing in a light grey, a light blue or a khaki colour.

Here are a few options from The Gap - I like their pants, and they're super affordable! I'd just make sure you get the slim fit.


There are a few styles of shirts I would recommend incorporating into your wardrobe for the summer. Tees, henley tees and short-sleeve button ups are  my favourites. I'd recommend grabbing a variety of colours (shown below), that way you'll be able to mix and match, and make a lot of different outfits. 

a light jacket/sweater

various Frank & Oak picks

Frank & Oak makes some really affordable, amazing pieces... and it's Canadian {bonus!}. Pair a sweater with a pair of chinos in the spring if it isn't jacket weather, or toss a jacket on top as it cools down in the evening. They also have some great accessories, like belts, bags, ties, etc. If you click on any of the clothing links it will take you to their website if you want to check it out!

PS - I really love the denim jacket that is shown on the model below!


We talked a little bit about jeans, and based on your body type, I'd suggest trying out a pair of Levis. The 513 style would probably be the best for you as they are slim but not too slim, and most have a little bit of stretch so they will be comfortable in the legs. For spring, I'd add a lighter wash... like a blue or a grey jean to your wardrobe! Dark denim is always a must, and like we talked about, you're running low on those, so perhaps adding one pair would be a good idea!


Your sneakers are going to be really awesome for the spring. I always recommend a guy has a fresh pair of white sneakers for the spring/summer. That being said, I am not really sure you NEED another pair of shoes... but if you want to add, here are a few that I'd recommend... because I LOVE sneakers! And, you did say you want a new pair of Stan Smiths!

wedding looks

For the wedding in May, I think you should should go with the Navy suit, a white shirt, the tie I got you or a brighter color tie from Express, and a pair of double monk strap shoes and a matching belt. I chose a few of my favourites and linked them below. 

If you want to add a little interest, go with a plain white pocket square and the lapel flower I made for you! Make sure though that if you are going to wear the lapel flower, the tie does not contrast with it. That is one of the reasons I suggest a white pocket square so that you have one less thing to try to match... and it looks nice and classic.

We talked about adding shoes - I like these double Monks from Aldo... and they're very affordable compared to similar alternatives.


So, for sunglasses, I have a couple favourite places to purchase from, both of which I've ordered numerous frames from and every time they've been amazing. The first, Warby Parker. It is an awesome brand that for ever frame purchased gives a frame to someone in need. They're reasonably priced, and the styles are really great. The second company is one called Eye Buy Direct, and the two larger pictures below come from that site. If you click on them, you will be taken to their website where you will find more frames, different colours, etc.! If you see something you like but aren't sure if it will work, you can send me an email and I will give you my opinion. Also, this website is awesome, because if you order a frame and it isn't what you thought it would be, they will either reimburse you or send you another pair for free! So awesome!

Below: - this is the cheaper option... but they're really great!

a couple looks

lauren larsen stylist menswear calgary
lauren larsen personal stylist calgary alberta

Wow, this was a mash of a whole bunch of things! I hope you were able to find something that you like. I think the categories that I pointed out are the areas you should be focusing on first. Once you have a good capsule spring/summer wardrobe filled with a bunch of versatile pieces, you can start to add other things that will complement them!

Let me know if you have any questions at all - I am always more than happy to chat! And also if you have any more questions before the wedding, I'm here!

- Lauren Larsen

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