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Wednesday Spotlight - Farmfresh

Lauren Larsen

This Wednesday, I would like to talk about accessories. Now, some of you gentlemen may think that perfecting the art of accessorizing is limited to the female species... let me be the first to tell you, you're wrong. As mentioned in below posts, if you think your plastic Timex is OK to wear to the office, on a date, or anywhere but the gym for that matter, you are mistaken. Because women put time and thought into their accessories, they are going to notice yours... simple as that.

To be clear, when I say 'accessorize', I don't mean over-the-top, head-to-toe bells and whistles, I simply mean, have a couple quality, classy items, and wear them proudly and tastefully. 

I know this may be confusing for some of you... BUT fear not, Ensemble's personal stylists and personal shoppers are here to help clear any confusion.

FarmFresh, a locally grown accessory brand has recently hit the shelves at the malls in Calgary. This Saskatoon born brand features heirloom quality goods that resonate with the growing movement towards heritage centered designs. 

"Farmfresh is a premium accessories brand with a focus on sunglasses, watches and leather goods. Stylistically, Farmfresh is clean, uncomplicated and timeless.

Born in the province of Saskatchewan, Farmfresh was inspired by the craftsmanship, work ethic and individuals who built the province. Recognizing great products don’t end with aesthetic, but extend to complete function. Offering superior quality, design and utility, you will fall in love with your purchase, as it will become essential in your daily life."


The products produced by Farmfresh are made using only the finest materials. The sunglasses incorporate Mazzuchelli acetate and Zeiss Polarized lenses, handmade which allows for a variety of colours and a richness of finishes that are not typically seen in a regular frame. 

Since 1917. Farmfresh's bag line manufacturer has been producing luxury leather good, using only the finest Texas steer hide, durable wax canvas and Cordura fabric.

In addition to quality sunglasses and bags, Farmfresh also has a line of quality, unique watches. We like these because they are simple and classic while adding that flare to your ensemble. Straight up, you will look like a dapper gentleman if you sport one of these!

Because these bags, sunglasses and watches are of high quality, timeless design and have a unique aesthetic, Ensemble Style gives Farmfresh our stamp of approval! We would love to help incorporate these pieces into the wardrobes of Calgary gentlemen. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation with a stylist, click here!


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