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A men's fashion/style blog, for the modern, stylish man. Personal shopping and styling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. New York fashion styling and consulting.

Remain Dapper - Gym Edition

Lauren Larsen

At Ensemble, we believe you should put thought and care into the way you look each time you step out of the house... even if it is just to hit the gym.

For gym style, there is a fine line between looking good and looking like you are trying way too hard. If you're planning on snapping photos of yourself in the mirror and subsequently posting them to one or more social media platforms, you need to pay special attention to what I am about to say. If you want to be taken seriously, at the gym or anywhere else, please understand you should never, ever take mirror photos at the gym. 

Now that we have that clear, let's talk gym style, starting with your bag. Because you are going to be throwing sweaty clothes and shoes into your bag, we recommend investing in something that is durable & long-lasting. The Filson bag, shown below, is made with waxed canvas and leather and was designed to last a lifetime (literally) - the more you beat it up, the more handsome it becomes. The items below are a few suggestions we suggest keeping in your gym bag to ensure you leave the gym looking as good as you feel!

Filson bag, Bumble & Bumble hair clay, Nike Dri-Fit socks, Under Armour running shoes, Manduka hand towel and Jack Black facial wash. 

Filson bag, Bumble & Bumble hair clay, Nike Dri-Fit socks, Under Armour running shoes, Manduka hand towel and Jack Black facial wash. 

To save time and effort, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing to and from the gym and changing into your day gear from home. Because we suggest keeping your shoes and socks in your bag to ensure they are kept clean and fresh, sandals are a quick and easy transitional alternative to a second pair of sneakers. 

Here is a suggestion of an outfit that is appropriate for going to and leaving the gym. 

As for the gym gear itself, please ensure that you are wearing something that is breathable and appropriate - and by appropriate we mean, does not look like anything you'd see on a trashy reality TV show. Generally, anything from Lululemon works great as their stuff is basic, breathable and fits well. Nike also makes quite a few good options for mens workout gear. 

If you have any questions or would like help with your gym, yoga, spin, etc. ensemble, we are more than happy to offer our advice. Click here to drop us a line!

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