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Chicago style reflections.

Lauren Larsen

So, turns out Chicago 110% lives up to its hype. WOW, what a cool city! Not only does it have a unique vibe, similar to that of NYC, it is beautiful, friendly, diverse, trendy and exceptionally CLEAN! One of my favourite activities I got to experience while in the city was the architectural boat tour. I am not normally one for tours, or anything touristy for that matter, but this one was exceptional - you take a boat through the rivers of downtown Chicago while your charismatic and intelligent guide tells you all about the different buildings. It was pretty cool. 

I got to check out quite a few different men's stores, including men's vintage stores and a penthouse version of Suit Supply (it was a man's shopping dream), and I saw a few common themes when it came to street style. None of the below photos are my own but I thought they provided a pretty good example of what street style in Chicago looked like. I also chose these photos because there are examples of current trends incorporated in the outfits and they are not difficult to recreate. 

Ensemble Chicago Street Style
Chicago Style Ensemble Calgary

Like Calgary, Chicago's weather is layer appropriate in the fall and winter. Each of the above photos provides an example of great layering. Photo #3 is my favourite, where a contrasting sport jacket is layered with a jacket (both in neutral colours) that is just short enough to show the layering.

If you want to add a bit of style to your look but don't want to go over-the-top, cuff your pants (jeans, trousers or chinos) so that an inch or more of your ankle is showing. Wear funky socks or no socks at all, boots, sneakers, hikers, etc. - this look goes with anything, really!

Green pants, as shown in the last photo are (in my opinion) a style MUST for fall and winter 2014. They are neutral enough to be paired with almost every other colour (except for green, of course) and because the colour is hot this season, it will definitely give you style points. Below is an example of a simple way to incorporate green pants into your look!

Ted Baker pants, Salvatore Ferragamo double monk strap boots, UNIQLO textured sweater and E Zegna blazer.

Ted Baker pants, Salvatore Ferragamo double monk strap boots, UNIQLO textured sweater and E Zegna blazer.

There you have it, Chicago style in a nutshell. Now, go out there and get your greens!

- Ensemble Style

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