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7 Things (Confident) Girls Wish Guys Wouldn't Do

Lauren Larsen

Because I am a woman who is ultimately trying to help you succeed in your work and love life, via your style, I decided it would be valuable to provide you with a list of 7 things that girls (including myself) don’t necessarily like when it comes to dating.

Now, I am not saying that all of the below items apply to every single woman, but generally speaking, if you want to appear as if you have ‘game’ (even if you definitely don’t) avoid the following!

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.26.32 PM.png

1) When you shower us with gifts. 

You may think that girls love gifts, and yes, in a way you are right. However, what we definitely don’t like is receiving many gifts, all of the time, for no reason at all.  I can’t speak for the married folk, but I definitely believe that in the dating world, gifts are appropriate (and necessary) for certain occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc., but if you are sending a bouquet to her work every second Wednesday, you might want to stop... now. 

2)   When you don’t hold the door open for us (and all other women).

Men should hold the door open for women and walk through it after her, always. Even if you have never met the woman before, she goes first, end of story.  It is one thing for us to see you hold it open for us but if we see you do the same for another woman too, it shows you’re sincere.

3)   When you check in on us often.

Girl’s night is girl’s night, just like boy’s night is boy’s night. If you’re asking where we are going or when we are going to be home every time we leave the house, we are probably going to get frustrated.

4)    Going dutch.

It makes us feel awkward. If you're asking us out for dinner, you should expect to pay, if we ask you out for dinner, we should expect to pay. Simple as that. When the bill comes, she may offer up her credit card (which is polite of her) but if your intention is to solidify another date, you should probably tell her that this one is on you. This does not mean that every bill thereafter should be taken care of by the man (fairness in a relationship is important), but in the beginning it is definitely something women notice. 

5) When you look overly put-together

Style should appear effortless. Unless it is a black tie event or some other uber formal occasion, you should never appear like you have spent longer getting ready than she has. Know the venue or location of the date and dress accordingly. Tip: you can look AWESOME without looking like you care too much - just ask us how!

6) When you agree with everything we say.

We want a man who has an opinion, who is going to challenge us and who is going to make us want to strive to do better (even if we are already doing just fine). When you agree with everything we say, boredom becomes inevitable - keep us on our toes!

7) When you call us by pet names.

If you think girls like this, you're wrong. "Babe" is ok, but if you start getting creative and begin calling us names that you'd think twice about saying in front of your boys, they're probably going to weird us out. Shnookums, sweetheart, fancy face, honey bear, love bug... etc... are all (more likely than not) going to give us the creeps.

Please note that all of the above are in regards to the extremely confusing dating world. Once the two of you are in love and/or married, you could probably get away with breaking a few of the above... occasionally. 

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