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2015 recap - favourite moments in menswear

Lauren Larsen

2015 has come and gone, and what an amazing year it was. 2016 however, is looking like it is going to be the best one yet. With new content, new collaborations, new brands, styles, vibes, energy, clients and friends, it is safe to say that I am 100% ecstatic {and that word is not often used in my vocab} to see how this year unfolds. 

Because such amazing things happened in 2015, especially in the realm of menswear, I thought it would be fun to do a little recap. Things you may have missed, may have forgotten about, or perhaps their epicness is still on your brain, here it is, my 5 favourite (and 1 not-so-favourite) moments in 2015 menswear.

1. NYFWM {New York Fashion Week Men}

If you don't know, now you know. 2015 was the first year that menswear got it's own fashion week! I mean, it's the first ever, so it isn't nearly as big as the women's version, but it's here, which means menswear is coming in hot, and is carving out a {big} place of its own in the big apple!

2. Zoolander takes the Valentino runway at Paris Fashion Week

How epic was the walkoff of Derek Zoolander and Hansel?? After 15 years, the two came back together for an impromptu walk down the Valentino runway and it was AWESOME. I love how designers are always coming up with ways to make their shows memorable - this one was definitely one of the most creative, and won't be soon forgotten.

ensemble style zoolander at paris fashion week 2015 fashion menswear stylist calgary

3. The Man from UNCLE's fashion

The movie, Man from UNCLE dropped this year, and with it came some seriously awesome menswear looks. I love that old is new again, and that gentleman style is back in a big way. Honestly guys, there is nothing more impressive than a sophisticated, well-dressed man who knows how to put together a good cocktail. And, I mean, if he is a secret agent spy, well that's just the icing on the cake. 

menswear ensemble style stylist calgary

4. Kanye does a couple of cool things.

So this one can technically be considered two different things, but they're both regarding Kanye, so I'm combining them into one. 

Firstly, he debuts his Yeezy 2 collection at NYFW, and at the end, a random dude, appearing to be a model, starts moving around and smoking a cigarette. Now, some people will argue that this was a mishap BUT, come on guys, it's Kanye. I'm pretty sure he wanted a memorable moment and this was it. Do you really think that this guy would want to mess with Lord Yeesus? Nah.

yeezy 2 collection ensemble style stylist calgary alberta

Secondly, he drops the Yeezy Boost 350 sneaker and it FLIES {literally sold out in minutes} off the internet. Kim tried to break the internet with her booty, but Kanye literally caused a couple of online stores to crash because of the high demand. People who were lucky enough to get a pair for themselves are now selling them for a HUGE premium {because they can}, and I'm not going to lie, I want a pair for myself... if you know a guy ;).

yeezy 350 boost sneaker menswear calgary stylist mens fashion

5. Nick Wooster continues being the coolest guy around, and makes Vanity Fair's 2015 best dressed list.

One of my favourite menswear style icons is definitely Nick Wooster, and I was really excited {but not shocked at all} that he was named one of 2015's best dressed. This man is snapped more than almost any other style guy, and always, ALWAYS looks great.

When asked his favourite designers, he wrote “All things Comme des Garçons, Thom Browne, Rick Owens, Visvim, Kolor, Sacai, the Soloist, Paul Harnden, Craig Green.”... which brings me to my last point, which isn't a favourite but definitely something memorable...

ensemble style nick wooster menswear icon stylist

6. Rick Owens becomes Dick Owens

For a brief moment, it appeared that Rick Owens wanted to change the name of his collection. At his AW15 Paris Men's Fashion Week SPHINX show, Owens sent models down the runway in oversized garments that showed a lot of skin... and in some cases, too much skin. I'd give you an array of photos to look at, but they're much too revealing, so if you're interested you're going to have to Google it.

rick owens runway show

If there are any super awesome moments in 2015 menswear history that I missed, please feel free to leave your favourite in the comments below. I'm sure there were plenty more!!

- Ensemble Style


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