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What to wear for the holidays

Lauren Larsen

Christmas is this weekend, and that means that you're going to inevitably be spending time with family, friends and loved ones. I know you're probably more worried about that last minute Christmas shopping (I know, I procrastinated too), than trying to decide what you're going to wear to turkey dinner, which is why I thought I'd help you out a little... with an Ensemble Style approved, 'what to wear for the holidays' guide!



This is a classic, easy, totally parent friendly outfit, made with things that you probably already own. Layer a white or blue button down under a nice wool sweater, pair with a pair of nice dark jeans, a brown belt and matching shoes, and VOILA, you're the best dressed dude at Christmas dinner. 


You can definitely get away with the same as above, but if you want to switch it up a little, do so without getting too carried away. You want to look presentable and respectable, but not overdone (you don't want her parents thinking you spend more time in front of the mirror than she does).

Ensemble Style what to wear during the holiday

Keep the shoes, and accessories classic and classy! AND if you do choose to wear a cologne, don't go overboard... you never know, grandma may be sensitive.


If your holiday plans include exploring somewhere outdoors, perhaps a mountain town, a cabin, a little chalet in the woods... the ski hill... it is important to pack things that are not only weather appropriate, but also will transition into dinners, parties, and everything else that comes with the holidays. A nice vest to add an extra layer of warmth... a scarf, some gloves and an awesome weekender bag are definite musts!

Ensemble Style what to wear for the holidays

Happy Holidays, guys! I hope you enjoy all of the free time, sleeping in, and all of that family catching up you get to do!

- xo Ensemble Style

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