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Calgary, Alberta


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Incorporating athleisure into your leisure life.


A men's fashion/style blog, for the modern, stylish man. Personal shopping and styling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. New York fashion styling and consulting.

Incorporating athleisure into your leisure life.

Lauren Larsen

Ahh, athleisure... the trend that has stood the test of time, and continues to go strong. If you haven't heard about it, or haven't tried to bring aspects of it into your life... this blog is for you. If you have heard of it, are addicted because of the comfort, and want to bring new elements into your wardrobe, this blog is also for you. 


The best way to start incorporating this trend into your life is by investing in a cool pair of sneakers. I'm not talking Olympian cool, i'm talking Jason Sudeikis on a red carpet cool. Now, I'm not suggesting you go all-out and pair sneakers with a tuxedo like Jason, I'm just saying, be careful your sneakers don't look like they belong on a 500 m sprint track. 

lauren larsen ensemble style personal stylist calgary

button downs & crew necks

Another way to bring the athlesiure cool factor into your look is by pairing a button-down with a crew neck sweatshirt. Normally, a button-down sweater combo would be considered business casual as it would typically be paired with a merino wool sweater, or something of the sorts... but athleisure calls for optimal comfort... and what's more comfortable than a hoodie without a hood? If you aren't keen on the layering, opt for a cool crew neck on its own!

athleisure style stylist menswear lauren larsen
athleisure style stylist menswear lauren larsen

slim chinos & joggers

Another way to get that cool guy, I just left the gym and still look great, athleisure, look is to wear a pair of slim chinos or joggers with an awesome pair of kicks. I prefer chinos as they are going to be more versatile, & don't run the risk of going out of trend as quickly, but if you are going to go for the jogger option, do a true jogger... like a nike sweatpant... not a chino with elastic jogger bottoms. 

lauren larsen how to master athleisure calgary menswear
lauren larsen how to master athleisure calgary menswear

True joggers...

lauren larsen how to master athleisure calgary menswear

Incorporate one of these elements if you want to keep the athleisure to a minimum... or more if you're looking to make a real statement. Don't go overboard though or you'll risk your athleisure look turning into 'no really, I just left the gym and I probably smell like sweat'. The key is to mix dressier pieces with totally casual pieces. So, if you opt for the true jogger option, pair a collared button-down with a sweater layered over top. If you're going for a classic chino, pair also with the button down/sweater combo, and perhaps a pair of brogue shoes or chukka boots if you don't want to go the sneaker route. Always pair true joggers with sneakers... regardless of what you've got going on top. 

Thanks for reading & stay stylish!


- Ensemble Style

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