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How to look like a stud for Stampede 2016


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How to look like a stud for Stampede 2016

Lauren Larsen

YEEEHAWWW! Stampede 2016 is here, and if you haven't started thinking about your wardrobe yet, you definitely should get on it, ASAP. 

Now, there isn't a whole lot to say about Stampede attire, other than a few things that I would consider obvious, and a couple of things that you may not know... but I'll just go ahead and discuss them all, just incase you're wondering ;).

Cowboy boots are key.

This one goes without saying {I think}, but there are still a lot of guys I see out and about during Stampede that aren't rocking a pair of broken in Cowboy boots. Don't wear your dress shoes, sneakers or anything you don't want completely demolished to Stampede... because trust me, they will get demolished. 

Cowboy boots are durable, and tend to look better the more worn in they are. So go ahead and scuff em up, line dance in em, spill beer on em, wear em to the barns... step in horse poop, whatever, they're meant for it!

One thing I'd like to note here... if you're a first timer... new boots are HELL to break in. Like, can't walk, can't dance, have to get completely wasted to forget about your aching feet, hell, so I'd recommend grabbing a pair second hand. I know it might be gross to wear someone else's shoes... but if you spray them with a little antibacterial spray (the stuff they spray in spin shoes after each class), you should be free from germs. And trust me when I say, they're much MUCH more tolerable for your first Stampede. OH and they're a lot more affordable ;). 

Jeans are a must.

If you're wearing anything but jeans to Stampede, you're doing it all wrong! I'm sorry if this is super obvious... I don't mean to offend. 

My favourite kind of jeans for Stampede are Levis or Wranglers. Levis 513 are a slim cut jean that fit over a boot {I've tried it}, and Wrangler makes a line of jeans that are more fashionable than the traditional Wranglers {I'll link some below}. If you're just testing the cowboy waters, go with the Levis... if you've been around for numerous Stampede's and want to step up your cowboy game, grab a pair of Wranglers!

Never, ever tuck your jeans into your boots... unless you're a girl, and please don't wear jean cutoffs with boots, unless you're doing it to be funny {or of course, if you're a girl}.

Your cowboy shirt should fit.

I see a lot of guys who wear western shirts that may or may not fit properly. I know there are only a few sizes available if you're going for the classic cowboy shirt {next year I'll be making em' custom on a first come first serve basis... so put it in your calendar!}, but if you have to have it altered a little bit to fit you better, I'm all for that! Another thing you could do is buy a nice plaid in a brand that fits you well and turn it into a Stampede shirt. I did a segment on Shaw recently and used a shirt from Theory as my 'Western shirt' on the model.  

If you want to go for a more stylish version of western, try doing the denim-on-denim Canadian Tuxedo look with a nice chambray or short sleeve denim shirt {I will link one below}.

Bandanas are super awesome!

If you've been waiting to wear a bandana since they went out of style at age 11... now is your time! Grab one and tie it around your neck, hang it out of your back pocket... or use it as a pocket square {if you're going to a more formal Stampede event}.

Calgary Stampede style Ensemble Style western style cowboy style

Another couple of things to note if you're a stampede newbie... you're going to need a few different outfit combinations because even if you think you're only to go out one or two of the nights, you'll likely end up at one of the tents, or on the grounds at least a couple more than you intended on. Grab a couple of shirts, a couple pairs of jeans, one pair of boots and a hat, and you're set!

Have fun & stay safe!

xo - Ensemble Style

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