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The Gentleman's Guide To Dressing to Impress - Date Edition

Lauren Larsen

First dates can be intimidating… in addition to the ‘what if we don’t have anything to talk about’ nerves, a man also needs to be aware of how he is going to present himself via his style. For many women, a man’s confidence is determined not only by how he carries himself but also by the way he dresses. The more confident, the sexier (ask any nearby female).

There is nothing more attractive than a confident man whose outfit is so effortless it turns heads (think Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love). Now, there is a fine line between dressing well and dressing like you spent more hours getting ready than her – you must be careful not to cross it.  This post is dedicated to perfecting the art of dressing to impress, whether it is the first or twenty-first date.

The Art of Day Dating

So, you have a coffee date with that pretty blonde girl you’ve been trying to get to notice you for the past month, but don’t have a clue what to wear… Ensemble has put together a list of must do’s that will ensure you are well dressed and your style is appropriate for the occasion.

Firstly, dress weather appropriate. Since it is fall/winter here in Calgary (now and most of the year), make sure you are dressed warm enough… you never know, she may want to go for a long walk in the park.

  1. Jeans – make sure they look new(ish), you don’t want to show up looking like you just fell down skateboarding.
  2. Layers – we love the look of a button down Henley layered with a vest.
  3. A nice jacket. Simple black, brown or grey is sufficient.
  4. Quality boots – you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of brown lace ups.
  5. A nice but simple watch. Don’t go overboard with this piece – keep it classic and stylish. No massive faces, bright colours or big plastic pieces (save the Garmin for the workouts).
  6. If you look good in a toque (some men don’t) bring one! Girls like guys who can pull off the casual look but still look put together… this is your opportunity to show her you can!
  7. Subtle but sexy cologne. Don’t wear anything that smells like a teenage locker room (Axe body spray does not count as cologne). Don’t put on too much and make sure it’s sexy and daytime appropriate. Ensemble is extremely well versed in the art of fragrance – if you’re unsure, let us do this part for you!

If it is your choice, recommend a place that is not going to be packed with a million people fighting for tables. You want the conversation to flow organically and if you have 15 people every half hour eyeing you for your table, you may feel rushed or pressured to leave. If you are looking for good day-date location ideas, visit

Here are a few ideas for the perfect day-date outfit.

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 10.28.29 PM.png

If you have any questions on brands or prices, please contact Ensemble’s personal stylists/shoppers. Consultations are always free!


The Gentleman’s Guide to the Dinner Date

The perfect dinner date is a sure-fire way to solidify whether or not there is a connection between you and your girl.  Before worrying about the logistics of the night/conversation, you need to set a good first impression. Blink, a powerful book by Malcolm Gladwell asserts that the first 30 seconds of setting your eyes on something (sometimes even less) is when first impressions are made. Before you even open your mouth to wow her about the latest technological advances in your realm of expertise, your date has (consciously or not) assessed your boyfriend potential, by the way you look.  Whether or not you consider this shallow or vain is irrelevant, we are human, that’s how we operate. Now it is your job to maximize and optimize that first impression!

Similar to the day-date guide above, we will provide some guidelines for you to follow to help you get the girl!

  1. If you are going to wear a suit, make sure it fits extraordinarily. Ensemble Style knows the best of the best in the tailoring world here in Calgary, and we are here to lend a hand.  Furthermore, if you are going to wear a suit, make sure you are taking her to an attire appropriate restaurant. For fine dining date ideas in Calgary, visit
  2. If you are opting for the pants/jeans and sport coat option (this is more suitable for many restaurants in Calgary), make sure the jacket is well tailored and the jeans or pants are crisp and clean. Dark jeans are a safe bet if you want to go more casual.
  3. A collared, button-down shirt is a must (unless you are meeting at a sports bar, which in that case you probably don’t need style tips). A subtle pattern (checks for example) is great to pair with a solid sport coat and pants.
  4. If you choose to wear a tie, layer your shirt with a cardigan to make it less formal. Even if you choose not to wear a tie, a cardigan is always a good bet.
  5. ALWAYS wear a belt that is the same colour as your shoes. Black shoes black belt, brown shoes brown belt, simple as that!
  6. Men wear watches. A classic simple watch is a great style investment and something that should be carefully chosen. See point 5 above.
  7. Choose a subtle but sexy cologne that is appropriate for evening wear. Night scents are darker and muskier than day scents – if you need help differentiating, contact us! See point  above.

Remember: the main goal of any outfit is to look like it was chosen carefully, put on and then forgotten about it. You want your look to appear intelligently curated while remaining effortless.

Here are a few ideas for the perfect dinner/evening date outfit!

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 10.38.51 PM.png

If you have any questions on brands or prices, please contact Ensemble’s personal stylists/shoppers. Consultations are always free!

For more fun date ideas, make sure to visit

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