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TGIF – Friday work to evening transitional outfits


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TGIF – Friday work to evening transitional outfits

Lauren Larsen

One of the questions we often receive at Ensemble Style is how to dress on casual Friday’s to easily and appropriately transition into your after work dinner/drink plans. Because there is a fine line at the office between casual and too casual, and a fine line at the bar between well dressed and over-dressed (especially in Calgary), a Friday day-to-night ensemble must be very carefully curated.

Because we live in YYC and not NYC, suits on a Friday are usually seen as pretentious or showy at the local Calgary hotspot. This post is for those whose place of work participates in casual Friday’s – if your office doesn’t, sorry but you’re going to have to go home and put some jeans on!

Because everyone has a unique style, and I definitely don’t think everyone should be wearing different versions of the same outfit, I am going to provide 3 options using the same shoe, belt & watch combo (the most expensive pieces), in case you would like to try out all three. 

Option 1: Dark jeans, shirt with a button-down collar and a cardigan. Brown shoes (dressy but not too dressy) and a brown belt. 

Look 1 - Ensemble Calgary.JPG

Option 2: Dark jeans, chambray shirt, charcoal sport coat, pocket square and or lapel flower, brown belt and brown shoes.

Ensemble Calgary - Look 2.JPG

Option 3. Grey or camel jeans, button up shirt (any colour or pattern), shoes with a belt in the same colour and a cardigan.

Ensemble Calgary - Look 3.JPG

If you have any questions or would like assistance putting together one of the above ensembles, contact us! We are more than happy to tailor any of the above to fit your budget (big or small!). 


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