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5 Style Rules You Can Feel Good About Breaking

Lauren Larsen

With Labour Day around the corner, I got thinking about old-fashioned style rules (no white after Labour Day for example) that are now OK to break. I spent quite a bit of time scanning the fall/winter 2014 collections and have seen common trends, many of which are great examples of old style rules that designers are now pushing to break. 

Here are five of my favourite style rules that I think your fall/winter 2014 wardrobe should aim to break!

1. Always wear belts if you have belt loops.

No longer does this rule apply only to bespoke suits that are meant to be worn beltless to show off the perfectly custom fit of the pants. These days, your suit pants should be fitted and tapered enough that you do not need a belt. If your pants stay on without it, you can opt out of wearing it, even if the pants have belt loops. Don't listen to what people say, give it little bit and everyone will be doing it (notice how Harvey Specter almost never wears belts).

Ensemble Style Calgary

2. Always button your jacket

Tom Ford is famous for the perfectly tailored, buttoned-up jacket look. Although this still looks awesome/sharp/sexy... etc., it also looks great to have your jacket open and flowing. 

3. Never wear black with blue or brown.

This one is for you Greg, if you're reading. About a year ago I was battling the idea of black shoes with a blue suit - for the longest time, this was fashion faux pas. Blame it on George Clooney, Leo Dicaprio or Justin Timberlake, but this rule no longer applies. As long as your black shoes are sharp, polished and not those terrible slip on kind with the square toe that the junior A team wears to their hockey games, you may now wear black shoes with blue suits (kudos for being ahead of the trends, Greg). 

4. You must wear socks with closed-toe shoes.

This rule is absolutely meant to be broken this summer and even going into the fall. Cuffed pants (jeans, chinos, dress pants, etc.) with loafers and no socks is a fantastic look and also helps to keep you cool. Guys, if your feet sweat, i'd suggest purchasing your shoes a half size larger than normal and getting a washable insole to protect the shoe. 

Ensemble Style Calgary

5. No denim on denim.

Canadian Tuxedos are cool. If you've read  a few of my other blog posts, you'll understand my love of denim on denim (chambray included). The only thing I would avoid here is pairing denim of the exact same colour on the top and bottom - mix it up a bit!

Ensemble Style Calgary

Do it. Be a rebel! 

If you have questions regarding any of the above or would like to sit down to chat about your current style situation (always free) fill out the form and get in touch! I always respond within 12 hours. 

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