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Calgary, Alberta


Ensemble Style is a Calgary fashion stylist stylists personal shopper shoppers and wardrobe consultant consultants. Menswear styling and closet edits. Custom suiting for men. Made-to-measure suiting





A men's fashion/style blog, for the modern, stylish man. Personal shopping and styling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. New York fashion styling and consulting.

Picks of the Week

Lauren Larsen

Happy Friday!!

I hope you are all as excited about the weekend as I am! With a beautiful forecast for Saturday and Sunday, and the impending doom of snow (right? Snow? Now?...) on Monday, there is no better time than now to make the most of the last bit of summer.

Here are my top 5 picks of the week.

1)   Jack Black Mint Lip Balm

This stuff seriously rocks – so much so that I even use it. It is matte (meaning you will not look like you have shiny girl lips), moisturizing and the mint provides a nice tingle. You can pick it up at Sephora, in the men’s section, or at Holt Renfrew.

Ensemble Calgary

2)   Vests

Because mornings are getting a little bit chilly as the summer winds down, vests are a great alternative to full jackets. Wings + Horns has a great one in their collection (shown below).

3)   Black Manhattans

These are one of my favourite cocktails and the best in the city (in my opinion) is from Milk Tiger Lounge on 4th street. Let me just say, it is not rare to find me sipping one of these on the weekend.

Ensemble Calgary

4)   Barbershops & Hot Towel Shaves

There is something very manly and luxurious about a nice barbershop experience - I’d argue this is equivalent to a spa day for women. My favourite in Calgary is Best of Seven Barbers, located in Bow Valley Square downtown Calgary. For those men who prefer to be pampered in peace, they offer a VIP ‘Empire Room’ that is sure to exceed you expectations.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.19.37 AM.png

5)   Chelsea Boots

It is safe to say I have an obsession with Chelsea boots. Guys, I am including this in my faves for this week because I want you to go out (or I’ll go for you) and get a pair ASAP! Fall is almost here and you need to be ready, and looking fine! Coordinate these with the proper outfit (this is the difficult part) and you’ll be sure to turn heads. 

Ensemble Style Calgary

There you have it, 5 awesome things for you to indulge in! If you have questions or comments, drop me a line, I love hearing from you!

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