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5 reasons why a leather jacket is a good investment.

Lauren Larsen

Have you ever purchased or been interested in purchasing a leather jacket? Have you ever really, really wanted to channel your inner Danny Zuko? If you haven't taken the leather jacket plunge yet, there is no better time than now. Although the price tag can seem outrageous (depending on the brand and quality of leather of course) we strongly believe that a great fitting leather jacket is worth the investment!

Here are 5 reasons why a leather jacket is a good investment.

1. It is timeless, sexy and shows you mean business.

When asked what our favourite look on a man is, most women will reply "a well tailored suit" or "a white tee-shirt and jeans". There are a lot of different outfits that fit within the spectrum between these two extremes, but, there is something very attractive about a guy who can rock each effortlessly. Pair your white tee and jeans with a nice leather and you'll emulate every girls first crush, Danny Zuko. 

Danny: Sandy!
Sandy: Tell me about it, stud.
Ensemble Style Calgary

2. It is fall, spring and chinook weather appropriate.

Not filled with down like your beloved Canada Goose, a leather jacket is the perfect fall, spring and winter chinook. 

3. It gets more handsome with age.

Similar to George Clooney, leather jackets tend to look better as they age. As it gets scuffed and worn in, it develops character and become irreplaceable.  

4. It can be dressed up or down.

Leather can be worn on both ends of the spectrum, which is one of the reasons it is worth the investment. 

Personal stylist calgary men
Ensemble Calgary Men's personal stylist GQ

5. Chicks dig it. 

It's no lie, girls dig a bad boy (that treats her well, obviously). Purchase a nice leather, throw it on for a night out and your sex appeal will go up at least a couple notches!

Be careful though, this does not apply to just any leather jacket... you need one that fits well and is on trend. Your dads old leather (probably) won't cut it, unless of course it fits you well and looks good.

Get ahold of me if you have questions!

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