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Style = Confidence
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Style mistakes you might not know you're making.

Lauren Larsen

Although I truly believe that personal style should be unique and confidence can make up for (almost) every broken style rule, there are a few style mistakes that are unknowingly made and unforgivable but can be easily fixed by reading this post!

1. Blindly following trends.

Sometimes trends are meant for the fashion-forward individuals - for those who have an established wardrobe and feel comfortable stepping out in pieces that are going to attract attention. Not all 'trends' require this sort of confidence, however, blindly following a trend because you see it on a fashion week runway or in the latest GQ magazine doesn't always equate to style points. Consult friendly style advisor (ahheemm, moi) before dropping money on trends - there are many that I would not suggest following and many that I definitely give my stamp of approval on.

Floral is cool, but not this cool. 

Floral is cool, but not this cool. 

2. Too much matching.

Matching is not a bad thing if done the right way. Two accessories in the same print, in my opinion, is too match-matchy. If you're wearing a stripe tie, go for a pocket square in a different pattern. Complementary colour matching is always a good idea (if you're colour blind like a lot of men, you need help with this part) and polka dots and stripes can go together if done properly. 

3. Trousers that are too long.

Your pants should be tailored so the break in the front is small. They should NEVER touch the floor and should NEVER crumple up around your ankles. I cannot even tell you the amount of people who make this simple mistake, especially when it is only a < $15.00 fix.

If you're planning a wedding and are concerned about your photos turning out, please, please ensure that your groomsmen have had their pants tailored properly (and their suit jackets, while we are on the topic). There is nothing worse than looking back at a photo and realizing you made a simple but detrimental mistake. Consider hiring a stylist for your special day to ensure the overall look is unified and things are fitting properly. 

This would have been a lovely photo.... if they had hired a stylist.&nbsp;

This would have been a lovely photo.... if they had hired a stylist. 

4. Downsizing a suit.

Because the tailored, slim fitting look is where it's at, it doesn't mean you should be going from a 42R to a 40R (unless you need to - a stylist can determine this). A suit size is determined by the width of your upper body and will not change unless your body has changed. That being said, each brand has different fits, some slim, some traditional (or roomy), for you to choose from. If a suit does not fit as slim as you'd like off-the-rack, you will have to get it tailored (not size down). Most men's stores will provide this service free of charge for full-price suits or if you choose to have Ensemble pick up a suit for you, we will coordinate tailoring.

5. The wrong shoes.

Women love shoes. One of the first things she is going to notice is what you're wearing on your feet. You don't need to drop hundreds on designer Ferragamo loafers but you do need to pay attention to the style of your shoes and the state in which they are in. Regular shoe shines and leather protector will be your best friend and will ensure that your shoes last as long as possible.

For some, dressing well or knowing how to properly put an outfit together is a gift. For the masses, it is a technique that must be learned and practiced regularly. Blindly dropping cash on new trends that you are not sure will stick or buying that wacky Etro suit because were told it's cool isn't always the best decision (unless you're one of the fashion savvy). If you're clueless when it comes to fashion and aren't afraid to ask for help (trust me, there are many that I wish would just admit they need help) consulting a stylist may just be your saving grace. Don't be the guy who goes out and purchases the latest must-have designer piece because you see it in a magazine without knowing how it is going to be properly integrated into your wardrobe. 

As always, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

- Ensemble Style

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