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Autumn/Winter 2014 Wardrobe Tips

Lauren Larsen

Even though I am a serious summer lover, I can’t help but get a little bit excited about the emergence of fall. Not only are the September issues of magazines (men’s and women’s) the best of the year, we get to pull out our comfortable boots and warm sweaters.

This blog will outline the ins and outs of fall fashion – what to keep, what to get rid of and what to add to your wardrobe.

What to keep...


Vests are still in this season. If you have one from a previous season but aren't sure whether or not it is still in style, I'm happy to provide my opinion.


This trend is not dead. Grab a pair of sneakers, pair them with your jeans or joggers and you’ll be stylin’.


As far as I'm concerned, any pant that is loose in the thigh, narrow at the calf and cuffed at the ankle is considered a jogger. Traditionally reserved for the big baggy sweatpants that you probably wouldn't leave the house in, this style has now been stolen by trendy street wear brands, such as Zanerobe and Reigning Champ... and looks fantastic (might I add).

Sneakers: Nike Gennico Retro, Vest: Wings + Horns, Joggers: Zanerobe

Sneakers: Nike Gennico Retro, Vest: Wings + Horns, Joggers: Zanerobe

What to add...


The colour green is hot this season. Darker shades of green look great in both sweaters and jackets and can also be worn in accessory form with ties, pocket squares, socks, man beads and lapel pins. 

Bomber jackets

Varsity style bomber jackets look great during a casual weekend or a night on the town.

Pleated pants

These aren't just for your dad and grandpa anymore! The NYFW runway saw many different renditions of the pleated pant. Grab a pair with a subtle pleat and you won't feel like you are taking too much of a style risk. 

Double-monk strap shoes

Replace any slip-on shoes you have in your repertoire with a pair of handsome double-monk straps. These are much more defined and will add a touch of class to your ensemble. 

Double-breasted jackets

Double-breasted jackets are back, in a big way. I'll admit, I battled with this trend for majority the autumn/winter 2014 season and have finally decided to embrace it. Everything from suit jackets, to unstructured blazers, to wool overcoats are showing up double-breasted - if you have questions on how to add this to your ensemble or how to pair it properly, call usb(we know this is one can be tricky)!

Lanvin: unstructured double-breasted jacket, John Varvatos: monk-strap shoes, E Zegna: tie and Carven wool trousers.

Lanvin: unstructured double-breasted jacket, John Varvatos: monk-strap shoes, E Zegna: tie and Carven wool trousers.

What to get rid of...

Jackets with elbow pads

This style is AW2013 and even AW2012. If you're looking to add a wool blazer to your ensemble, opt for the version without the elbow pads. 

Belts with suits

If your pants are fitted enough to allow it you to get away without a belt, go for it! Traditionally, a suit worn without a belt signified perfect tailoring or showed the suit was bespoke. Now-a-days, a belt is no longer necessary to complete your ensemble and suits should be tailored well enough that you don't need one either way. If you don't have a tailor you know and trust or are interested in having a bespoke suit made for you, drop me a line, I may have just the guy for you!

Bad jeans

Make this your fall resolution! Please, for the sake of Calgary's women, ditch your jeans that have any of the following qualities:

  1. They are bootcut 
  2. They have white stitching
  3. They have non-organic, intense fading.

    This means that if your jeans are chemically faded or dyed lighter in areas, it's time for them to go. Raw denim will fade naturally over time and form to your body - which is completely fine and the organic fade looks great - there is a difference. 
  4. They are frayed at the bottom
  5. They have brand symbols stitched into the back pockets
  6. They have any sort of shiny parts on them

I know a lot of these are completely obvious to many of you, but if I didn't keep seeing these walking around the streets of Calgary, I probably wouldn't feel the need to mention it!

Keep your jeans tapered, simple and dark, and you'll be set for any occasion. 

There you have it, a starting point for your AW2014 ensemble. This list is far from complete, there are definitely many other great pieces you should be adding and keeping in your wardrobe this season (and probably a lot more you should be ditching). If you have any questions or would like more suggestions, let me know and I would be more than happy to help!

As always, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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