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When you should be the best dressed guy in the room, and when you shouldn't.

Lauren Larsen

Hello! Long time no talk. I'm sorry I've been MIA, life has been hectic to say the least.

I've been receiving a lot of questions lately involving dress code, how to dress for events, and when it is appropriate to pull out the formal attire, and decided that since this seems to be a pretty common question, I'd do a little blog post on it [you're welcome]! 

The way I see this is, never dress better than your boss, BUT dress for the job you want, not the job you have. SO, what if you want your bosses job? Well, you have to be careful. You can't threaten your boss with your attire, but you certainly should dress better than the people who one day you'd like to manage. 

Here are a few times that it is OK to be the best dressed guy in the room.

  1. Parties, galas and events. These are all occasions that being the best dressed man in the room is completely acceptable, and sometimes even something you should strive for. Find out what the dress code is, and dress appropriately. Accessories are always a good way to add a little extra to a party outfit. 
  2. The theatre. The expectation is to get dressed up for theatre events. In my opinion, if there is thought put into your ensemble, you're probably going to look pretty good. I've been to ballet and theatre events where people are in full-on ball attire, and people are in jeans - the jeans look somewhat out of place, but the ballroom attire seems to fit in just fine. I'd aim to not be the guy in jeans, but anything from slacks and a button-up, to a formal suit are completely acceptable.
  3. Meeting the parents. This one is a little bit tough, as you don't want to waltz into your gf's parents house completely overdressed. The key is to find out what they're like (super casual farmers, country club brunchers, you get the idea), and dress accordingly. Making a good impression on the parents is probably one of the most important parts of your new relationship (they have a MAJOR say in the way things progress, trust me). If you're about to meet your new gf's parents and need a little guidance, please feel free to drop me a line, this one is a little difficult to nail down in this blog post. 

Here are times when it is not OK to be the best dressed dude.

  1. At work. Be cognizant of the dress code at your office. There is a difference between dressing well & professionally and dressing like you want to attract all of the attention. In my opinion, it is never good to be the guy who wears 15 different colours and 10 different accessories. Keep it neutral, classic and cool, and a few embellishments here are there are ok too... just don't go overboard. A nice blue or grey, custom fitted suit, a custom shirt to match, some nice shoes and a tie and you'll be turning heads, in a good way.
  2. Weddings. The key here is to be dressed well, but not better than the groom or the wedding party. I get that you may want to grab the attention of all the babes in the room, but you can do that without being over-the-top. Similarly to above, wearing a nice, custom suit, a rockin' shirt and tie combo, some good shoes and a small accessory like a tie, a pocket square or a small lapel flower will surely set you apart without looking like you're comin' in hot (and ready to steal all of the bridesmaids). 


Are there any other times you feel it is ok or not ok to be the best dressed man in the room? Any times you're unsure? Leave a comment or drop me a line!

- Ensemble Style

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