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Summer swim attire, dos and don'ts.

Lauren Larsen

Summer is here! The days are longer, the nights are shorter and the sun is creating wonderful glows {or in my case, freckles} on all of our bodies. To be honest, as I write this, I am sitting outside accumulating freckles, and loving every minute of it.

Dudes, let's face it, you're going to have to get those pasty white legs out in the sun at some point, and if you're lucky enough to have the chance to spend some of your summer near water, you're going to need a swim suit. 

The days of loose board shorts have come and gone, and now is the time to get creative {and colourful} with your swim shorts. 

Here is a guide to purchasing {stylish} swim gear.

In my opinion, when it comes to swimwear, the more colours the better. This year I'm really diggin' bright and bold prints and patterns in cool, vibrant colours. 

This year, we are ditching the long, loose board shorts (unless we are behind a boat, and even then, it'd be great to reconsider) and grabbing a pair {or two} of shorter, more flattering swim trunks. There is no better way to get a head start on tanning those stems than to bare them as much as possible. 

This one is simple... almost ALL mall brands have a line of swim shorts for men. If you're unsure, check out TopMan, Nordstrom, Club Monaco or The Gap. If you're into online shopping, definitely check out Saturdays Surf {shorts shown below}.

summer looks

I love this look! The blue Saturdays Surf swim shorts, tied together with the blue lens sunglasses and blue towel will turn heads on the beach. Don't forget to wear your sunscreen - I really like the Kiehls for men sunscreen shown below.


These shorts scream summer. If you're brave and bold enough to rock these, I'd recommend it! You certainly won't look like anyone else on the beach, and that's a good thing!


These red floral printed shorts are a more subtle alternative to the parrot print above. They're still cool, and on trend, but they don't demand attention. I'd recommend pairing with a denim jacket - the unexpected combo will up your cool factor.


And there you have it, swim short suggestions and ways to wear them when you're not in the water. 

- Ensemble Style

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