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Calgary Stampede Style

Lauren Larsen

It's that time of year again! This weekend kicks off the Calgary Stampede, and I'm sure all of you cowboys {or once a year cowboys} are prepping for a long 10 days of debauchery. Because stampede style mostly consists of plaid, denim and cowboy hats, it is arguable difficult to mess up, but believe me, I've seen it all and this blog is intended to help you avoid being the guy who didn't throw together your stampede ensemble quite right.

Keep the jeans tight!

Because you want to be able to wear cowboy boots comfortably, you need to ensure the width of the jean allows for the boots to fit underneath. Your goal should be slim {think, nice butt hugging slim} but not too slim. For Stampede, I am all for a nice pair of Wranglers {they make some nice modern fits} and/or Levis - if you're going to do it, might as well do it right. 


Plaid is the norm for Stampede... but it doesn't have to be the only thing you are able to wear. Paisley, printed, colours or denim are all solid options. If it is a chilly day, toss on a denim jacket to complete the look!


For Stampede, cowboy boots are your go-to for footwear! Wearing cowboy boots for upwards of 12 hours {hey, some parties start in the morning and end... the next morning} can be extremely painful. To avoid limping through the crowds due to ten blisters on your feet, try picking up a pair of second-hand boots. Someone else has already done the breaking in for you, and they look like you're as rugged as a real cowboy! If you're not into second-hand, check out Alberta Boot - they have a wide range of boots to choose from.


Cowboy hats are a must for the Stampede. I wouldn't recommend buying one online because of the variety of sizes, shapes and fits. Pop into your nearest western store and try a few on before committing to purchasing one - it is going to be on your head for many hours, so it best be comfortable!


Calgary stampede ensemble style

Ensemble Style Calgary personal stylist

Ensemble Style Personal Stylist Calgary

I hope you all have a wonderful {and safe} Calgary Stampede!

- Ensemble Style

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