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How to rock a flannel shirt for fall


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How to rock a flannel shirt for fall

Lauren Larsen

One print that we’re going to see a lot of this autumn and winter (and every other autumn and winter, for that matter), is flannel. It’s a seasonal staple that everyone owns, but the problem with plaid shirts is that they can often look too outdoorsy to be appropriate for the office, a date, or anything other than camping. Luckily, GQ points out there are various types of flannel that are good enough for the office and a visit to an art gallery, or cocktails, for instance.

As informal as a prints like plaid can be, flannel is often incorporated into high-end clothing lines, as you can observe in the luxury streetwear collection by Fear of God that Lyst curated, with the pattern used in inner jacket linings, kilts and shirts. This proves that you can get creative, and definitely don’t have to be a lumberjack to pull off this winter essential.

Here’s how to take your flannel game up a notch:


Leather jackets have an undeniable ability to make anything in your wardrobe look cool, and flannel is no exception. This print adds contrast to a leather jacket look without completely taking away the edgy biker vibe, so feel free to wear it between a black t-shirt and jacket, dark jeans and black boots laced halfway up.

lauren larsen personal stylist how to wear flannel
lauren larsen personal stylist how to wear flannel


Commonly seen on off-duty intellectuals as iterated on Glik’s Blog, a sweater breaks up the myriad of hues and busy patterns of a flannel shirt. It also dresses up the textile so that it can be worn at work, but bear in mind that the sweater should be in a solid colour, possibly a crewneck or V-neck as it works well to highlight the collar.

lauren larsen personal stylist how to wear flannel


Wearing a flannel shirt over a hoodie is perhaps one of the more surprising ways to rock your flannel, considering a flannel shirt is hardly classified as outerwear. Weirdly enough, flannel looks amazing as an outer layer, especially when the whole ensemble maintains a monochromatic theme. You can purchase flannels that are a little bit thicker, and perhaps have an inner lining so that it acts more as a jacket than a shirt. 

lauren larsen personal stylist how to wear flannel


Call it nerd chic or hipster, The Fittery explains that the buttoned-up look is an easy way to look sophisticated, as it smartens up the most casual of shirts, even your plaid ones. This looks best when worn with dark or black jeans; just make sure you leave your shirt untucked. Finish the outfit with a cool pair of kicks.

lauren larsen personal stylist how to wear flannel
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