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wow her with your interior design skills

Lauren Larsen

Dressing well is step one, treating her to a couple nice dates {whilst having proper manners} is step two, and when you finally have the pleasure of bringing her back to your place {step three}, you're going to want the decor and ambiance to jive not only with your personality, but also with the expectations you've set thus far. If you have nice taste in restaurants and wine, you know that proper shoes and tailored clothing is important, but your home looks like you haven't paid any attention to it since college, you may be in trouble. Don't worry if this is you... as always, I'm in your corner and here to save you from the inevitable embarrassment of not meeting her expectations.

Lauren Larsen ensemble style calgary menswear stylist

1. College paraphernalia must go

If you played on a hockey team in college, had a super cool beer bong that followed you to all the parties, or perhaps still have that Ikea Malm coffee table that every single one of your buddies had, it's time to give your place a little update. Clean out and store everything that screams 'I'm an immature child who likely still has his mother cook him meals for the week', including jerseys, beer cups, beer bongs, etc., and replace with some proper glassware and sophisticated decor. 

2. Invest in a nice couch and coffee table

When I say invest, I don't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on furniture, but you should be at the stage where you can update from the basic Ikea styles. {not dissing Ikea here... they have a lot of stuff that can be made to look good.. just perhaps avoid the obvious ones... like the Malm line}. For cost effective options, I'd recommend checking out Structube, Urban Barn or West Elm for unique and affordable pieces.

3. Invest in glassware

Glassware is so important! Likely you're going to be enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail with her back at your place, so it is an absolute must that you have something proper to serve it in. Reidel makes wonderful glassware that can be found at places like Home Sense if you're on a budget. Make sure you have at least 4 red, 4 white and 4 cocktail/rocks glasses in your collection.

4. Invest in bedding

Nice sheets could honestly seal the deal, so don't overlook this important point! Invest in a couple sets of nice sheets with a matching duvet and at least 4 pillows. I know you might not think this is important, but trust me when I say... IT IS.  If you're unsure on colour or styles... nice whites and greys are always a safe bet. Also, make sure the sheets are cleaned at least once a week. Sundays are a great day for sheet cleaning.

5. Your decor matters

A couple of plants and some framed art go a long way! Have at least a couple of decor pieces in each room, and ensure that each room aligns with the other rooms in the house. So, if you're doing greys and whites in the bedroom, perhaps continue that colour palette consistent throughout the rest of the house, adding slight differences in colours and styles of decor in each of the other rooms. 

Using books as decor is a good idea as well - it shows you're worldly and intelligent.

**Tip: succulents are the easiest plants to care for as they only require water once every couple of weeks**

6. Pay special attention to your bathroom

Having a few key things in your bathroom will work to your advantage. An new toothbrush, just in case... some gender neutral body wash, and some proper shampoo and conditioner {I love Aveda or Bumble and Bumble}. Some clean washcloths that are in good condition, and a couple of fluffy towels are also a good addition. You don't want it to look like you're a player because you have a lot of female friendly things, but you also don't want it to look like you don't care at all about her comfort, so gender neutral, high quality products are a safe bet.

Your home should reflect your personal style, your tastes, and should be comfortable for you to also host guys nights in. It should be sophisticated, classic and cool, and look like care and consideration went into it's appearance. 

If you have any home decor questions, please feel free to send me a note or leave a comment below!

Sincerely yours,

Ensemble Style

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