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steal her stuff: grooming

Lauren Larsen

Wondering why her skin always looks so flawless? Maybe she's born with it, or perhaps there is something magical in her side of the medicine cabinet. Guys, you don't have to be ashamed if you want to give her grooming products a try, actually, I fully support your decision.

lauren larsen menswear stylist image consultant calgary

Here are a few that I give you the green light to go ahead and try. 

Facial scrub

Facial scrub is a must for men and women. It's such a treat to be able to get that layer of dead skin cells off your face & end up with soft, glowing skin. If she has a scrub kicking around, give it a shot. If she doesn't... my favourite trick is to mix baking soda with face wash and use that to wash your face. It will feel slightly gritty, but once you're finished, your face and fingertips will be as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Facial oil

Facial oil is a new thing that girls totally love. Most of us use it to take our makeup off, but it is also a really moisturizing and luxurious way to wash your face. If she has one kicking around, give it a try. 

Eye cream

Ain't no body got time for undereye bags, wrinkles and dryness. Eyes are one of the first places to show aging, which is why you should be applying cream morning and night. Pretty much any eye cream is better than no eye cream, but if you have a choice, I'd go for a heavy, anti-aging one at night and a lighter moisturizing one for during the day. Sometimes day creams have ingredients in them that also help with undereye circles and make you look more awake.

Anti-aging anything

I mean, who doesn't want to look 20 something for as long as possible? If it says anti-aging on it, there is no harm in giving it a try.  

Night serums

Night serums are bomb for tired, dry & lifeless skin. By sleeping with them on, you're giving them a solid 6-8 hours {or more if you're a big sleeper} to do their thing. Chicks dig serums, and I'd bet that if she doesn't have a night serum, she has a sleeping facial, a night cream, or something along the same lines. Dig into it, slap it on your face & wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!


This one is the riskiest of the mentioned products, solely because if you apply it wrong, it's going to look like you're wearing makeup. If you have a big meeting and you happened to accidentally pull an all-nighter the night before, grab her concealer, dab a little bit on your finger and tap it under your eye until it is no longer visible. You shouldn't need much to make a difference!

If you're a little skeptical and don't want to risk looking like you're wearing makeup, I'd highly recommend First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. It is an eye cream that is formulated to cover dark circle without looking like you're wearing makeup.

To be honest, majority of products are made unisex - the only thing that differentiates a guy's product from a ladies is the way the marketing department decided to brand it. Did they make the label black & blue, or white & pink, is pretty much what it comes down to. So, go ahead and give hers a try, you never know, you might end up looking as great as she does ;).


- Ensemble Style


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