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5 style hacks to make you look taller

Lauren Larsen

So all of us weren't blessed with the tall, model-esque, fit everything off-the-rack type genes, {myself included} which is why I'm here to give you a few hacks to make you look like you're walking a little taller than you were yesterday. 

source:  Mr. Fillipo Cirulli

source: Mr. Fillipo Cirulli

1. Don't be afraid to alter.

Guys, not all clothing was made to fit everyone. Actually, it was made to fit a very, very small sample of the population, so don't feel bad. When you buy something off the rack, generally something is going to be wrong - the sleeves may be too long, pants too long, jacket too long, etc. {this is why it was so important to me to have a custom clothing option for clients, and why I started Atelier}, BUT, if you don't have the few weeks it takes to get something made, or you bought something off-the-rack and just aren't happy with it, don't be afraid to take it for alterations. If you find a good tailor, have em' on speed dial. 

2. Keep it trim.

I know athleisure is all the rage right now, but unfortunately if you are on the shorter side, wearing these loose fitting styles is doing nothing for your stature. If you want to give these trends a try, it is possible, just ensure that you're going for the slimmer styles rather than the long cut tees and baggy pants. If you're a bigger guy, you can still wear slim clothing, just ensure that it is cut properly for your body.

Ideally, you should wear clothing that is a slimmer cut, and altered to fit properly. If you're buying a suit off the rack, the sleeves should be short enough to show half an inch of cuff, the jacket length should be just long enough to cover almost all of your bum {but not the whole thing}, and the pants should just touch the top of your shoe and create a small break. Some of these things are hard to achieve, and can be expensive with suiting off-the-rack {sleeves can only be shortened so much without looking funny, & you'll never get the same cut on your jacket if it is shortened too much, so be careful}, but minor tweaks are always possible.

3. Avoid horizontal stripes.

You've probably heard this one before, but if you're going to wear something with stripes on it, make sure the stripes are vertical and not horizontal. Horizontal stripes shorten while vertical stripes elongate. 

4. Keep your outfits tonal.

If you wear a brighter colour on the top and a darker colour on the bottom {AKA colour blocking}, you're visually cutting your body in half, which ends up making you appear shorter. Dark colours on the top and bottom, or light colours on the top and bottom is the way to go as it brings the eye down without stopping it half way to adjust to a drastic change in colour.

5. Stand taller & be confident

It's amazing how much of a difference confidence can make in a person's appearance. Even if you're not feeling particularly confident today, try faking it. Put your shoulders back, hold your head high and walk down the street like you're about to take over the world, even if you have to fake it for the first little while. After some time you'll start to notice the difference it makes, and who knows, maybe you're friends will think you grew and inch ;).

Yours truly,

Ensemble Style


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