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Five things to add some style to your bachelor pad.

Lauren Larsen

So, you hit it off with her on your first, second and third dates, and this (might) be the night she comes back to your place. You've hired a cleaner, your toilet seat is down, you've stocked up on the wine but you still aren't sure if your pad will be given the female stamp of approval (because that is something that is hard to get). 

Now there is a fine line between a place looking put together and looking staged, be careful not to cross it.

Five things to style up your bachelor pad.

A nice candle.

Most women focus a lot of attention on details. Whether it be your shoes, your calogne, the throw blanket on your couch or the painting on your wall, she's most likely noticing. Having a nice, manly smelling candle burning in your home

Conversation pieces.

Having conversation pieces such as interesting coffee table books, sculptures, a map on your wall with the places you've been and/or would like to go, an antique piece of furniture, etc. will help to initiate conversation if there is one of those dreaded silent moments. Not only that, you'll show her your worldly side. 

Art on the walls.

Having art on the walls is important. This doesn't have to be extravagant, over-the-top art that cost you a fortune, but a well curated collection of pieces that go well with your furniture/decor and tell a story (if she asks) will give you some serious points. Check out local galleries, art battles, markets, etc. and grab something that speaks to you. If you love it, you'll be able to speak about it... which is important. 

A great playlist.

But please, please ensure it is tasteful. There is nothing worse than having a guy throw on a non-prescreened Spotify playlist called 'Date Night' and the first song being 'Let's get it on' by Marvin Gaye. Ensure it is current or classic, and something that she will notice but not pay all of her attention to. It should add to the ambiance, not create a distraction. 

Alcohol options.

Having a couple options will ensure she is comfortable and satisfied. I'd recommend getting a red wine, a nice blend from California that is easy drinking is safe, a nice white, I'd recommend a blend or a Sauvignon Blanc, and have your liquor cabinet stocked with gin, vodka and bourbon. If you want to really impress her, learn how to make a couple different classic cocktails (Manhattan, martini, etc.) just in case wine isn't her thing!

- Ensemble Style

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